Seismic network

Seismometric instrumentation

The seismological instrumentation has been bought at the end of a public selection to which the main instrument manufacturers have been invited to participate. The selection has been passed by Guralp Systems Ltd. (, which has offered high quality instrumentation by satisfying completely the required characteristics, with competitive prices. Such a competition has been advertised in August 2010 and the adjudication has been formalized on the 5th October 2010.

Data transmission system

All stations of the Collalto Seismic Network are equipped with a data transmission system including a router with GPRS/EDGE interface (Siemens Er75i; Figure 1), which is more reliable and has less power consumption than other models tested. Instead, for some sites in which a higher bandwidth is required, and the network coverage is poor, a more advanced router with UMTS (Ur5) interface is used.

Station files

In the following, files reporting summary information about site conditions and instrumentations are available for both seismic stations (ED01-ED10) and geodetic station (SUSE) belonging to the Collalto Seismic Network. Station files are in Italian.