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As an acknowledgement for the use of data and information, please cite:
OGS-RSC Working Group (2012). Rete Sismica di Collalto - http://rete-collalto.crs.inogs.it - doi:10.7914/SN/EV

As a publication, please cite:
Priolo E., M. Romanelli, M. P. Plasencia Linares, M. Garbin, L. Peruzza, M. A. Romano, P. Marotta, P. Bernardi, L. Moratto, D. Zuliani, and P. Fabris (2015). Seismic monitoring of an underground natural gas storage facility: the Collalto Seismic Network. Seism. Res. Lett., 86 (1), 109-123 + esupp, doi: 10.1785/0220140087