Completed and fully operational the Collalto Seismic Network

As from December 1, 2012, the Collalto Seismic Network (RSC - Rete Sismica di Collalto) is fully operational. The work for its realization started on May 2010 and took about one year and a half. This network consists of 10 seismometric stations (orange symbols in Figure 1), which are equipped with 10 high-sensitivity seismometres and 4 accelerometres in all, and one permanent GNSS geodetic station. This network has been realized according to the most advanced rules and highest standards, and it enables a detailed and continuous monitoring of an area of about 20 x 20 km surrounding the Collalto storage concession. Data are tele-transmitted in real time to the Seismological Research Centre offices of Udine and Trieste, where they are archived and processed.

Figure 1 –  Map of the Collalto Seismic Network.
Figure 1 – Map of the Collalto Seismic Network.